Rabbi Josh Weiner

Creating a language for 58th-century Jews

An invitation to explore Jewish pasts, presents and futures.

This website is a collection of thoughts that I've put down in writing over the years. I'm experimenting in finding patterns and structures in our Jewish heritage that work for serious and not-so-serious Jewish humans today. Please feel welcome to explore the different styles of writing on this site, and get in touch to become part of the conversation.

The rhythm of the weekly Torah reading is an invitation to reread the world we encounter, inside and outside of the text. I've experimented with synagogue sermons, Facebook posts, 120-word microessays.

Our present and future need to be rooted. Academia can be dry, but gives the vocabulary needed for poetic creativity and serious Jewish games.

The COVID-19 challenges inspired me to create ad-hoc guides for friends and communities celebrating communal rituals alone. Some of the ideas also have value, maybe, after the pandemic.

Texts and ideas are not enough. Judaism has always been grounded in relationships. Here you can contact me and discuss Jewish issues.