"Turn it over and turn it over, for everything is in it. Stare at it, grow old with it, let it exhaust you, but don't ever let go of it. " (Avot 5:22)


A collection of thoughts on the weekly Parasha, delivered at various synagogues. Let's make this a bit less boring: all these files are open for you to add your comments, corrections, suggestions and questions. Enjoy!

(Some files have the English after German or other languages, just scroll down.)

Rosh Hashanah Drashot - Fraenkelufer 5781

High Holiday Sermons

Three sermons on death, absurdity, judgement and honesty

Bamidbar - Fraenkelufer 5780


Counting, Being Counted, and the word 'Today'

Ki Tetzeh - Fraenkelufer 5780

Ki Tetze

Returning lost property, objectification, and losing control

Re'eh Drasha - Fraenkelufer 5780


True and false prophets, information-overload, and the word 'interesting'.

Devarim - Fraenkelufer 5780


Discomfort, honest judges, and carrying on in a broken world.

Matot - Masei - Fraenkelufer 5780

Matot - Masei

Incomplete justice, broken letters, and the donkey of the messiah.

Korach - Fraenkelufer 5780


The holiness of the rebel and their common mistake

Behaalotecha drasha - Fraenkelufer 5780


Two sermons: On face masks, and On second chances

Naso drasha - Fraenkelufer 5780


The building of religion, and constructive complaints

Shavuot drasha - Fraenkelufer 5780

Shavuot 5780

Transmission and innovation of the Torah

Behar Bechukotai - Fraenkelufer 5780

Behar Bechukotai

Plagues and Meaning(lessness)

Parashat Emor - Fraenkelufer 5780


Cathedral in space, calling and being called

Drasha Acharei Mot Kedoshim - Fraenkelufer 5780

Acharei Mot - Kedoshim

Dynamic holiness, moving to and fro

Tazria - Metzorah 5780 Drasha Fraenkelufer

Tazria - Metzora

Interpreting illness, seeing people and being there

Miketz / Channukah - Drasha Adath Shalom 5782

Miketz / Channukah

The direction of the candles

Dracha Ki Tissa - Adath Shalom 5782

Ki Tissa 5782

Seeing and being seen

Dracha parachat Terouma - Adath Shalom 5782

Terouma 5782

Taking symbols seriously

Shabbat Sukkot - Adath Shalom 5782

Kohelet 5782

Fragility, truth, sweet light