"Turn it over and turn it over, for everything is in it. Stare at it, grow old with it, let it exhaust you, but don't ever let go of it. " (Avot 5:22)


The following are academic essays I wrote, originally read by between zero and one people. They are a bit boring, but some of them might have some interest for other people in the world, that's why they are here.

As always, I've made all these files editable. Feel free to comment or question anything here: public scrutiny, free speech and mutual inspiration are the only way to make anything here have value.

2 or 3 witnesses

Two or Three Witnesses

A comparison of rabbinic and Qumran laws of testimony; an ancient debate on how to ascertain truth.

Conversion and Translation - essay

Translation and Conversion

Using theories of translation to understand religious conversion, using three Talmudic examples.

Metamodernist Midrash - Kreuzberg Kollel 5780

A Metamodernist Manifesto

A reflection on the need for commentary, written for the Kreuzberg Kollel

Being Seen - Schorsch essay

Seeing and Being Seen

Understanding the Masoretic vocalisation of 'being seen' at the Temple through six medieval and modern commentaries.

Barefoot priests - Modularbeit

Barefoot Priests

Exploring the evolution of the description of Temple priests as barefooted and its significance.

Arami Oved Avi

Arami Oved Avi

Narratological analysis of Deuteronomy 26, and six possible translations of the enigmatic phrase Arami Oved Avi


On Interruption

Exploration of the halachic concept of hefsek

Vows as a supplement to Kiddushin

Vows: towards egalitarian kiddushin

History of the institutions of nedarim, kiddushin and exploration of the combination of the two in creating new marriage rituals