"Turn it over and turn it over, for everything is in it. Stare at it, grow old with it, let it exhaust you, but don't ever let go of it. " (Avot 5:22)

Festivals at home

Since the Covid pandemic struck Jewish communities around the world, synagogue-based ritual life was interrupted. People stopped relying on experts and professionals to do Judaism for them. Along with a very real crisis, there were also some opportunities for Jews to take festival practice into their own hands.

As each festival came up, I wrote a guide for my community of friends, to suggest ideas and frameworks for celebrating meaningfully at home. Hopefully the spirit of empowerment and creativity will be useful after the pandemic too.

Rosh Hashana Alone - Berlin 5781

Rosh Hashanah

Bringing in the new year with intention

Yom Kippur Alone - Berlin 5781

Yom Kippur

Making repentance real

Alone for the Seder : Thoughts, tips and encouragement


A deconstructed seder

Tu Bishvat Alone - Paris 5782 (english)

Tu Bishvat

The tradition of Tu Bishvat is to create your own traditions!

Doing Purim Alone - Berlin 5781


Celebrating uncertainty

Sell Your Chametz 5781

Sell your own chametz

Cut out the middle-man, face the intimacy and discomfort of selling chametz yourself

Ten Commandments - Kreuzberg Shavuot 5780

Shavuot study guide

Allowing people alone or in pairs to spend a night studying the Ten commandments, with essays from local scholars and poets