"Turn it over and turn it over, for everything is in it. Stare at it, grow old with it, let it exhaust you, but don't ever let go of it. " (Avot 5:22)

Video Shiurim

Speaking to a screen (masakh) and speaking through a mask (masekha) became new realities during the pandemic. I tried to embrace the new opportunities, and launched a series of group shiurim exploring different concepts in modern Jewish life. Rather than record the whole class, and risk harming the fragile intimacy created there, I recorded video summaries and sent them out to the world, together with the source-sheets that accompanied them.

Sacred Spaces in the Home

Filmed during lockdown: what are the points in our home that combine tension, release, ritual and potential for sacredness? We look at the doorway, the bathroom, the table and the bedroom.

The Essence of Purim

Looking at broken narratives, broken laws, miracles, and other lessons for our world from the Purim festivities.

Blocked and Unleashed

Looking at four Jewish thinkers who take the idea of being 'blocked' and explore what being 'unblocked' might look like. Occasionally giving good advice. Texts by Rambam, Mara Benjamin, Baal Shem Tov and Rebbe Nachman.

Pesach Prep

Looking at Pesach, probably the most commented-upon set of texts in the Jewish world, and nonetheless trying to draw out some new ideas.

Prayer and Mind

Looking at the concept of kavvanah, the mental attitude at the core of prayer. I explore the idea that the laws of kavvanah can also give clues on what it means to be a human - a praying being!

Using the advantages of online teaching, I tried to make mixed-media sourcesheets, giving translated texts with hyperlinked commentaries, integrated video summaries and images. These serve as the basis for group learning, but can also be used alone. See example below - the full collection of '58th Century' sourcesheets can be found here.